Letter from the Editors

Dearest Reader.

This is mad exciting. We present to you: The Bates Review.


We believe in Art, and the power of beauty to transport us into different worlds. The artists of Bates College are endowed with an incredible vitality and skill to render these worlds tangible and breathtaking. The Bates Review is a window into the creative rivers that run through campus: please wade into it, splash around. The interviews are meant as glimpses into the artists’ vision but they are by no means comprehensive; find what you like, what confuses you, what upsets you; talk about it. Bates College is blessed to have a creative output of such vibrancy, The Bates Review invites you to soak in it.

This first issue was quite the learning experience for us: lessons in question-asking, image-making, organization, and professionalism in something so personal as art. We have put our hearts into this because art at Bates is something we care deeply about, something we find important, vital.


We cannot wait for the next one, this is only the beginning.


Stay creative.

John and Michela