Letter From The Editors

Dearest Reader,

We have for you the second issue of The Bates Review, hot off the press. Since the first issue came out last spring we have been a veritable pressure-cooker of excitement about the potential of this magazine. We have been getting top-notch submissions and recruiting some of the raddest talent at this school. We are interested in giving you some ideas to think about; some new things to talk about; beauty to regard. Stories from the US/MX border told in song, stories from the Rwandan genocide told in dance, postmodern photography and writing, cubist self-portraits, heart-wrenching poetry both written and spoken, an art event, and some lights-turned-low basement Jazz. All this coming up.

We also have the honor and privilege of introducing the new talent, Nathan Moreau and Mary Schwalbe; heirs to the editorship. We are super excited for the new perspectives and aesthetic preferences that Nate and Mary bring to the party. Please join us in giving them a virtual round of applause. They will be in charge of the next issue as we uncover (or re-discover) the hidden ways of Europe.

Stay creative.

Michela and John